About us

Real Office Group plc is an AIM quoted vehicle set up to acquire office fit-out businesses globally.

Real Office Group has three strands to its strategy:

  • Creation of a market leading UK business

  • Development of an international business to address
    the requirements of large multinational companies

  • Addressing customer needs by broadening
    the range of available services

As customers increasingly expect more from their work environment, Real Office Group intends to be at the forefront of the market, delivering on customers’ needs globally.

Through being a quoted company, Real Office Group can acquire businesses for shares, which allows the vendors to participate in this creation of value. Real Office Group believes that this opportunity provides the platform for already successful businesses to realise their full potential.

The Directors of Real Office Group have significant experience in both the fit-out market and the business services market more generally. Their detailed understanding has allowed them to develop an in-depth view of the market and a clear strategy to generate value. Further, they also have extensive experience of mergers and acquisitions which will be central to the effective and successful implementation of the strategy.

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